Progress, struggling

Consistency is always a struggle

Living a healthy lifestyle is freaking hard!

Why is it that when life is stressful, happy or when I’m bored I eat thing I shouldn’t.

This last week we found out some great news!  We were asked if we would like to have our 3 boys permanently.  My hubs and I are foster parents to 3 amazing little boys.  We have twins that are 2 and a 1yr old. It is good news but at the same time it brings about so much unknown.  Which can be stressful.  Our life is always in limbo. On Thursday when we found out the information we went out to dinner because the hubs and I were feeling stressed. Today we went to dinner because we wanted to celebrate how well our meeting went. Then when I got home I watched a movie and ate a pint of ice cream.

Was that on my plan? Of course not! It is hard to have a balance. I totally believe in the 80/20 life. That means that you eat healthy 80% of the time and you can have treats or things not on plan 20% of the time. Recently for me it’s been about 10/90.

I’ve struggled with working out for almost a week. When I’ve made mistakes in my eating it’s so much easier to skip my workouts. When I workout earlier in the day I have a much easier time making healthy choices because I don’t want to mess up the progress I’ve made with the workout that I’ve already accomplished.

The terms, “I can start tomorrow”, “I can start on Monday”, “I can start next week” has come out of my mouth many times. You know what though. We don’t need to wait till tomorrow to start. If we make a mistake in our eating or workout it’s okay to learn from that mistakes and keep going. So for instance, tomorrow during lunch time if I eat over my calories I need to move on to the next meal. I need to  think before I act and make better choices. It’s never too late to get refocused and move on.   Don’t dwell on my mistakes because I am going to make more.  I am human.

I’m committing to make my healthy lifestyle a priority! Because I’m human I’m going to make mistakes but I’m also going to move on from them. I will not dwell on them!

I’ve so got this.